Sunday, March 2, 2014

Verbal Attacks

I have been thinking so much about how words not only wound, but how they slash deeply, bringing us to tears in Abba Father's arms. 

For some reason, I have become the punching bag for someone I love deeply.  Interesting Brian is not the target, but me. 

The other day I was blasted with the blame for everything, when, in fact, none of it was within my control.  My silence apparently made the other person feel they could go on and on and on.  It was one of those divine moments where the Holy Spirit kept my mouth shut. 

You see, my greatest desire for this person is for them to run into the arms of Jesus and find the peace they long for. 

Isn't that what we do though - we attack the things or people who are where we want to be?   The response should be to ask questions, learn from others rather than verbally assault.

I wonder if this is how Jesus felt as He hung on the cross - sad, wounded, yet still wanting everyone to accept the love He offers?

God always grants me the wisdom in these situations.  I am VERY thankful of that.  He also gives me an extra dose of loving. I am VERY thankful for that too.

God loves each of us so much - He is my Abba Father, my Savior and my Comforter.  He is amazing.

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